Concierge Services

At Gargoyle we believe in an integrated concierge-security services

What is a Concierge?

Although more and more people are becoming familiar with the term “concierge,” very few know where this customer-service based profession originated. The word “concierge” evolves from the French comte des cierges, the “keeper of the candler,” a term that referred to the servant who attended to the whims of visiting noblemen at medieval castles. Eventually the name “concierge” came to stand for the keeper of the keys at public buildings, especially hotels. There is even a famous prison in Paris that is called the Concierge, in honor of the warden who kept the keys and assigned cells to the inmates.

Today most people know a concierge as the helpful person at a hotel desk who informs visitors about places of interest, recommends restaurants and helps obtain theater tickets.

As the world around us becomes busier and expands, more and more residential buildings also provide concierge services to help meet the needs of tenants and owners on a daily bases.

Our Concierge-Security Services

• Daily building Inspection to identify any maintenance issues
• Respond to questions
• Meet and Greet residents and guests
• Accept and organize deliveries
• Monitor and maintain the access control system
• Ensure correct signage is displayed throughout the building and notice boards are kept up to date
• Control access for telephone & cable companies and other trades people
• Supervise move-ins and move-outs
• Regulate visitor parking
• Patrol the parking
• Enforce strata by-laws and deal with complaints
• Respond to emergencies
• And much more

Gargoyle Security provides first class concierge service and can tailor our provision of services to suit your needs. Our Staff are hand picked and are trained to provide superior service to meet your unique needs and requirements.